To all the operators of surrey bike rentals and the tourists who rent surreys: Please emphasize the importance of staying closest to the right side of the road as possible.

Too often traffic is backed up because a surrey is biking down the center of Holladay Drive in Seaside, alongside the center yellow lane, as if they are a motorized vehicle.

I often wonder if I were to rent a surrey, if I would be informed to obey the laws of bicycles, and need to stay nearest to the curb as possible. Or, are renters merely asked to read some policies, which we all know no one actually reads.

When surreys are on the right side of the road cars can safely pass by, surrey riders can enjoy their day and motorists can get to work. Just as motorists are asked to share the road with bicyclists, surreys need to share the road with motorists by staying away from the center yellow lane.




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