As I was channel-surfing on Sept. 11, I landed on CBS just in time to hear Vice President Kamala Harris, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, proclaim "diversity is our strength."

Am I the only one who is sick of hearing this nonsensical phrase repeated ad nauseum? One could make the argument that it was "diversity" of religion (Islam vs. Christianity) that slaughtered 2,996 innocents. And, while we are talking about "diversity," let us not forget that the dead were certainly "diversified."

This indiscriminate slaughter wiped out people of all skin hues, religions, backgrounds, languages, etc. Indeed, the only thing the victims seemed to have had in common was the fact that virtually all of them were employed.

It was unity, not "diversity," that saved either the occupants of the White House or the U.S. Capitol on that horrible day. Desperate to divide us, the Left has been shoving "race" down our throats for decades like it is the end-all and be-all of a human being.

Do you think the 40 heroes on Flight 93 stopped to ponder each others' race as they discussed their plan to storm the cockpit? Were the men who took the lead chosen based upon skin color or muscle? They knew the jihadists had turned the Newark-to-San Francisco flight southeastward toward Washington, DC. They knew they were going to die. They wanted to save human beings on the ground. They did not pause to determine the race of those they hoped to save.


Oysterville, Washington