Democratic and Republican politicians offend me in every way as “win at all costs” is all that seems to matter. The more I read about politics as practiced today, the more I become convinced that permanent incumbency is a terminal disease that will ultimately destroy what little trust remains in government to solve the most pressing problems facing government today.

Viewing state House Speaker Tina Kotek’s power politics is like watching an instant replay of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Washington, D.C. Nothing matters to these people other than forcing their political will on everyone else, no matter the size of their majority. No-compromise politics has a deadly effect on oppressed minorities.

I feel term limits should be forced on our elected representatives. Additionally, their office staffs should also be forced out of power as this appears to be the only possible hope minority voters can ever hope for equal consideration.

The longer the system continues to perpetuate itself under current rules, the worse the public mood becomes and the more public confrontation becomes inevitable. The Democrats currently have a supermajority where they can do as they wish.

At some point, the control of government will switch to the minority party of today because history has shown power-people inevitably overplay their power and the former minority gain power and will seek revenge for all the laws forced upon them in the past.