A "thank you" goes to those volunteers who set up the Clatsop County Fairgrounds in Astoria for vaccine shots.

We were notified to arrive at 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 11. The trip was about 15 minutes from Astoria. The parking was close to the entrance.

The building was set up in an excellent way. The volunteers were plenty, pleasant and helpful and the line went pretty fast and good.

The vaccine had arrived. They had areas for shots and areas where they were filling syringes. It was heated, and our drug manufacturers had shipped enough vaccine. Everyone worked so well together, it took us maybe 20 minutes to go through the line.

What a wonderful place to live, where we have so many people who care and show up and help. The parking was good, and lots of people showed up. I am so glad we live in this area. Thank you to all those who volunteered.