No city is immune from the criticism of citizens when its performance is generally regarded as lacking, or when a specific department fails to respond, help or rectify a problem a citizen has.

That is exactly the time criticism is called for, and it is incumbent upon the institution and the people whom it is directed at to listen and respond.

The city of Astoria is not without problems or faults. I know, I have had issues here in the past. I have advocated my point of view, and listened to the view point of department heads, City Council members, the mayor and the city manager, and in all of those discussions never once did I think any person representing the city was unable to communicate effectively. Quite to the contrary.

Communication skills are vital in any leadership role, but they are only as good as the comprehension skills of the people they are directed to.

I was a bit taken aback when I read that a local businessperson was running for an elected office here, and was making a statement to the effect that city officials have failed to communicate effectively. I think if that were really true, we would all be complaining loudly.

Complaint, like grievance, is something that should be taken care of long before you take a seat at any table, or you risk making everyone else as upset as yourself. Please vote for someone who brings something positive to the table.



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