There is so much negative going on in the world right now that I keep finding myself looking at all of the positives around us to give us a little balance.

One of the great positives in our little town of Astoria is about to have their one-year anniversary on Valentine’s Day and that is our little Italian kitchen, Gaetano’s Market & Deli located at the corner of Commercial Street and 10th Street

Do you know how rare it is to have a "real" Italian kitchen in our town? I’ve been up and down this coast many times and I’ve never found any place like our Gaetano’s. I have a good amount of Italian blood in my veins and I can tell you that Matt Gaetano, Julie Hoffman and Rachel Gaetano know what they are doing in the kitchen. Their dishes are so close to my own grandmother’s and my own that I think we must be related!

Truly, try anything and you will be pleased. This is not an ad. I’m not being paid for my opinion, I just wanted to give these fine folks a shoutout and tell them that we appreciate them, their great Italian cooking and we are so blessed that they chose our little town of Astoria to make their home!