Youth movements are a common component of modern society, originating during times of societal tension.

Historically, these movements have been born of ethnic revolts, cultural innovations and, most recently, in the 1960s, peace and anti-war protests. Understandably, much of the Vietnam War protests were driven by a desire not to be drafted into a brutally dangerous war.

Similarly today, with so much publicity, why are the young people so quiet regarding the perils of climate change? Faced with the all-but-certain reality of a severely changed planet, why aren’t more of our youth speaking up and taking action?

Twenty or 30 years from now, life on earth as we know it today will be upended as a result of warming, droughts and mass migrations.

The youth of today need to be uniting and speaking out, demanding an end to our fossil fuel-driven economy and insisting on the development of alternative energy sources. Their futures are dependent on the actions they take today.