On Dec. 14, the Electoral College put to rest the false claims of our current president by confirming the election of Joe Biden with 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 232 votes. It is my hope that all citizens of this country will accept this fact, and allow us to move on to the next presidency.

Trump's continued quest to deny Biden's win clearly shows who, in fact, was trying to steal this election. His outrageous claims of "massive voter fraud" have been proven to be fraudulent themselves, if not treasonous.

Numerous courts in multiple states rejected Trump's claims as having no merit, and bordering on the ridiculous. Fortunately, our system of checks and balances in this country have served the will of the people to have their votes counted and validated, in spite of the president's efforts to undermine our democracy with his falsehoods.

His efforts to bully and intimidate governors and election officials to overturn votes reveals him as the mean-spirited, vainglorious and self-absorbed individual that he is. This whole debacle also confirms the soon-to-be-retired president as the sorest loser in the history of American politics.