Why don’t we hear of it from our news media? We don’t even hear of the looming disaster from the Democratic Party. The U.S. is a boat loaded to the gunnels with rock, heading into a devastating storm.

The rock is our national debt. The storm is China’s intention to become the world’s dominant economy. Our course is set directly into this storm with tax cuts, a bloated military and tariffs. The weight of these foolhardy policies will result in a failing economy.

With our economy in recession, it will no longer be advantageous for China to continue supporting our national debt. China need only announce that they will no longer be buying U.S. bonds to weaken the dollar so greatly that it will no longer be an acceptable international currency.

We have alienated the few nations who could come to our economic aid. We will emerge from this storm, afloat but as another second-class world power along with Britain, Japan and Russia.



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