I worked as a registered nurse for 45 years. I only complained about my treatment by the hospital administration to my family.

I certainly would not have complained in a letter to the editor, and risked putting my job in jeopardy. I promised myself that when I was no longer working for a hospital, I would fight for nurses.

It is not just a valid concern that nurses are paid a decent salary in accordance with their education and hard work. It is the safety of patients that I am most concerned about. So many times nurses are assigned more patients than they can safely care for.

The nurse is left running up and down the halls, praying that her patients are OK until she can get to them. Praying is nice in a lot of circumstances, but that is not really a substitute for good care and adequate staffing.

I hope the community will support their nurses, and let the local hospital know they expect good care from attentive, rested nurses who are paid in some accordance with the large bill every patient is sent.



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