North Carolina will hold a do-over election to determine the federal representative for its Ninth Congressional District. What? Do it again? Yes. Why? Because the law was broken, and when the law is broken, the right thing to do is do it over, the right way. Why? It shows North Carolina takes democracy seriously, and it restores the peoples' confidence in the electoral process.

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, backed up by Vladimir Putin's admission, has concluded that Russia "meddled" in our 2016 presidential election. U.S. election law forbids foreign intervention. 

May I propose two logical, radical remedies?

In the Olympic games, when the winner is found to have benefitted from illegal means, the winner is disqualified, and the first-place medal is awarded to the second-place finisher, no matter how many years have elapsed. It happens frequently. It seems logical, simple and fair.

The second proposal would be to hold the election over. Same candidates, different candidates, whatever. Radical, uncharted waters. Yes, but either remedy would not only help restore confidence in the electoral process, but would show the world how seriously we take democracy. To those who say, "that's crazy," I say, "why not?" — North Carolina did it. 

All of this begs the question: Who poured courage in the North Carolina drinking water? If you did it, step forward and please, please pour the rest of it in the federal drinking water. It's never too late.

Mama always said, "watch out for them law-breakin' critters."



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