This week I have followed The Daily Astorian's coverage of the KKK fliers. These articles have given the unnamed individual the publicity he desires, but doesn’t deserve.

He is creating the momentum for hate crimes to exist in our community. Yet, he doesn’t want to be identified publicly in the paper, or accept responsibility for his actions, even complaining when evidently others have identified him on social media.

The Daily Astorian's coverage makes it appear that the Astoria Police Department’s focus is protecting this individual from being victimized, instead of preventing the perpetuation or normalization of racist acts in our predominantly white community that already struggles to make people of color feel welcome.

Dude, if you mean what you post, have the guts to identify yourself, and take off the hood.

I am a man of color living in this community. To say that racism does not exist here is far from the truth. In fact, I have experienced several racist incidents in the area in the past year.

I have, however, witnessed that our community leaders are working to create a better atmosphere for everyone. Last year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day I watched "Selma" at the Liberty Theatre in Astoria. It was not a packed house, but there was a good crowd, which leads me to believe that this community has intolerance for such behavior.

Unfortunately, systemic protection of racist people doesn’t help. Maybe one day we will all feel safe enough to list our names.



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