This is a thank you to all of those who, when driving, use their turn signals, stop at stop signs, don't fly by going 5, 10, 15-plus mph over the limit and leave handicapped parking to the truly handicapped.

And to those who are are respectful, considerate, kind, caring and helpful to others, and show thanks to those who are going above and beyond in these difficult times. Who are decent, willing to think of others before themselves. Who are aware of the thousands of Americans who are dying, not on fields of foreign wars, but right here on their native soil.

We're all tired and frustrated by the constraints put upon us, not by our leaders, but our own refusal to simply do as we're being asked to do. We are better than this, I know we are.

I believe in the greatness that is this country — a country built upon the sacrifices of those who've gone before us. Who gave freely of themselves. Personally, I'm going to honor them by doing my part, as best I can. As a patriot, it's the least I can do. My resolve has never been stronger. Will you join me?

To all of you who continue to show empathy and consideration for your friends, neighbors and your communities daily, thank you.