We would like to thank a number of people and groups that helped make this past basketball season so enjoyable and successful.

It is quite humbling to be embraced by a whole community, and we can’t begin to express our gratitude to all our supporters throughout the season and into the league and state playoffs. As we headed to state, that support blossomed even more.

In particular we want to thank our school leaders and administrators, from Superintendent Sheila Roley to Principal Jeff Roberts, Assistant Principal Jason Boyd, and our athletic department of Aaron Tanabe and Kerri Boutin. For four years or so, we have been adopted by Kenny and Cathy Hyde, whose kindness and generosity is amazing.

All of our parents were so supportive this year, and throughout their daughters' careers, from team dinners, to goody bags for state, to financial donations and emotional support.

Special thanks go to Bruce's Candy Kitchen and the Truax, Taylor and Bennett families, Cousins' Restaurant and Patrick and Lisa Nofield; Mike and Jody Falleur and Larry and Janice Zagata, who all donated monies and foods for our journey to and from Baker.

The cheerleaders' support is always awesome, and we would like to thank the band, as well as Steve and Alice Olstedt for their support, both behind the scenes and at the front table.

Finally we want to congratulate our boys for such an awesome run. Though we know they’re disappointed, they made four state finals in four years with two titles: Quite an achievement. We are proud to pound the hardwood with you, and appreciate your support of us. Thank you all.



Coaches, Seaside High School girls varsity basketball 

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