I support Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, and encourage the citizens of House District 32 to do the same. She is being attacked for taking a measured and reasonable stance on how Oregon could address the issue of climate change.

Unfortunately, some are trying to distort her vote as being an attack on the timber industry. It is far from it. In fact, Rep. Mitchell fought for the exemptions that minimized any economic impact on local businesses.

But let's be frank about what is really going on here. The timber industry is falsely painting Rep. Mitchell as an enemy of timber. This is an industry that has for years become used to favored treatment in Oregon.

But now, in their drive to reduce costs and maximize profits, it has fought environmental protections, avoiding paying its fair share of taxes and reduced jobs through automation. The timber industry, while very valuable, should not be treated with kid gloves anymore.

It is a business like any other, even treating an attempt to recall Rep. Mitchell like a business, hiding motives behind a clever tagline.

The referendum on Rep. Mitchell has already taken place during the election last November. She won, and timber's candidate finished a distant third. The people have spoken.

Don't fall for the corporately-sponsored recall effort. It is an effort to erase your vote.


Past chairman, Clatsop County Democratic Party


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