Like #TimberUnity that endorses her for county commissioner, Courtney Bangs' recent letter ("Wake-up call," The Astorian, Jan. 25) relies on hyperbole and misinformation to bolster her position on the cap-and-trade bill. Likewise, she does not offer any positive approach to mitigating climate change, never mentioning it on her website.

Somehow she concludes that forcing major C02 polluting industries to pay for their sins, and an increase in gasoline prices, will result in a loss of jobs and tax revenue to support local public services. But under the new version of the bill, fuel price increases in western Oregon don’t begin until 2025, three years after the bill goes into effect.

Bangs' concerns about job loss are more likely to be the result of #TimberUnity hero Donald Trump’s disastrous trade policy with China, which has dried up log exports from the USA. Most prior timber job loss resulted from automation, a trend that will surely continue into the future.

Bangs also fails to acknowledge that much of the revenue generated by cap and trade will flow to the benefit of counties like ours that are being directly affected by climate change in the form of ocean acidification and warming, coastal erosion and potential wildfire.



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