The Bunny Battles now scarcely past, and in Cannon Beach, civility and fragile peace accords are again torn asunder with horsefeathers ("Cannon Beach looks to contain horse manure downtown," The Astorian, Nov. 7).

I can't keep my frayed attention upon the scandalous national news, while loco equine fanatics go whinnying en masse at Cannon Beach's City Hall. Dr. Bob Wayne is the little cowpoke that could, and why not? What good is a horse if you can't ride it on Main Street, even when such a questionable proclivity defies rational thought?

Why such eye-rolling behavior is even permissible remains as mysterious as the periodic appearance of fecal coliform that reliably appears at certain storm drain outfalls. It's a tradition, and for sure it is something in the water.

Never mind that, a one-man parade is still a parade, and the city should consider issuing permits for parades and similar exhibitions on Main Street. It might forestall a clash between antifa and the Proud Boys. (No this is not a rock and roll band.)

So, if you haven't seen this oddity, I suggest you visit more often. I have witnessed it with my own eyes, and it is a spectacle I shall never forget. If one can't find a few sand dollars, there may be road apples for the taking.



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