Since fall, has had a dedicated tab: Sunset Recreation Center (BMS). You can listen to the webinar topics: The financial plan, community input process and the strategic plan, supplemented with written information and responses to questions. The building inspection report (due diligence), and a community input category are there, also.

The Community Needs Assessment Survey, conducted over 10 weeks, was posted in the Seaside Signal, on Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District sites, and discussed with community organizations.

The survey results slides represent feedback from everyone who responded to the survey, and is not limited to counting only those respondents who made additional comments.

Comments help us understand reasons for a survey response, but not everyone chooses to make additional comments — their vote counts, too.

Patrick Duhachek's posted response, on Transparency for SEPRD Taxpayers, to the question of what process he would use to approach a major purchase in respect to taxpayers: "I understand that some taxpayers may not agree with the ultimate decision, but I will be sure they have the opportunity to weigh in …"

We are not at the mercy of that approach. The quality of the incumbents' stewardship has been recognized by the survey sample of the community, who support: the purchase of Broadway Middle School, 65%; expansion of youth programs in support of working families, 66% to 71%; expansion of indoor recreation options for all, 68%; and driving economic growth by scaling up sports tourism, 61%.

Please vote to keep our winning team — Progress for SEPRD.