On the question of transparency in the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board election: In real estate, you must move quickly if an opportunity presents itself, especially if other buyers have offers in hand.

The SEPRD board used the Special Districts Association of Oregon's low-interest loan program for the purchase of Broadway Middle School.

SEPRD has used these loans twice before for structural improvements. With approval of the loan by the board, the district followed all legal steps to fund the purchase through SDAO, not taxpayers.

One of the challengers said at the candidates' forum that the building's issues can be overcome.

Board members also clarified that the child care program is in the portion built in 1994, after Oregon had banned asbestos and lead paint. With asbestos areas encapsulated, keeping our children safe from exposure, consultants are now advising for best uses of the entire space for future patrons.

Four incumbents were appointed in the last year. They have transformed meetings from chaos into consensus building. The cohesive team has dedicated, long-term residents with broad skills: grant writing, international human resources, banking, nursing and a national youth foster club.

The board's vision, with community input, is for a hub of community preschool and child care, summer camps, senior social activities, well-being through exercise and of economic growth through scaled-up sports tourism.

Transparency is there, if you look. Board minutes are at sunsetempire.com/board. Elect the incumbents to make our community richer through good health — let's build for the future.