In response to the letter to the editor "Time for courage" (The Astorian, May 9), I could only add that after two whole years and millions of dollars spent investigating to try and remove a duly elected president of the U.S., the writer simply can’t let it go. The left is so obsessed with President Donald Trump — in that they hate him — that they are willing to ignore the obvious: “No collusion.”

Hillary Clinton and her cohorts make a deal with Russia, giving them control of vital weapons-grade uranium, she has hundreds of illegal emails, and no charges are even suggested, and little concern is shown by the leftist press.

Leaders in the FBI, the CIA and other government agencies use their offices and positions of power to try and oust Trump, but the writer and others with similar beliefs conclude that Trump must go because he doesn’t fit their ideas of what a president should look like.

Well, he has done what many of us wanted our president to do. He got the economy back on track, he stands up for America on the world scene and he doesn’t promote what traditional Americans consider as evil.

Say what you like, hate him if you must, but be aware that millions of Americans feel that he is doing a great job and are going to vote for him again.



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Miller Sands

At best, Trump is a 2nd rate liar and cheat. At worst he is the most corrupt treasonous s0b to ever attain the office of POTUS. He needs to be tried, convicted and punished for his crimes and awful performance as the worst president in the history of our country.

amber cowan

The economy is so awesome, a new study found 77% of all full time workers have ZERO savings.
My question is,
Id the economy is so awesome. Why IS EVERYONE BROKE?

Another, I guess none of your family is in logging otherwise you'd already know log prices arevDOWN $390 per load. A whole ton if that's how you make money. Also days off to boot cuz demand at the mills is down. First time in seven years that I know of
In addition to that, prescription drugs are higher than ever, I have marketplaces insurance, $100/ month and one medicine is FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH
Not much winning for my family.
But if you're part of the top one percent, he's definitely making you richer.

RittaLynn Kloss

Amber it’s not President Trumps responsibility to save your money for you. If you’r one of those who drink the “specialty coffees” then stop and save that $5 per day...that’s approx $100.00 per month assuming 5 coffees a week and then by the end of the year, you will hav saved $1200.00. But hey maybe your rampage against trump isn’t fueled by coffee...maybe you have a different vice, either way, your anger could be used in so many other constructive ways. I wish you well.

amber cowan

I don't drink coffee. I drink water and one mtn dew a day which is about sixty cents.
But i pay $150 a month for health Insurance, and $600 a month for medicine.
My husband pays about $250\month for meds with insurance thru work
We have no credit cards and no Auto loan!
Preschool is $450 a month
Waters 130
Electric 100-350$ in winter
Rent is $450
Car insurance $160
So maybe i should stop eating?
Yeah sounds logical. About as logical as your comment!

amber cowan

Furthermore, $8 times 30 is $240.00
Apparently enough for a 1700/month mortgage (according to your math)
Ya know cuz there's nothing under 250ish thousand dollars.
But keep,convincing yourself how great everything is!

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