Republican Congressman Will Hurd, 41-year-old old former CIA undercover officer, who represents one of the largest congressional districts in Texas with 820 miles bordering Mexico, told Rolling Stone that President Donald Trump's border crisis is a "myth," and that Trump is trying to use a "third century solution to solve a 21st Century problem."

If it is a crisis, why weren't the border workers getting paid during the government shutdown? During the the government shutdown, the Department of Homeland Security was furloughed, unpaid. Is this security sense?

Rep. Hurd said when you talk of crisis, people are afraid to leave their homes, right? He says there is no crisis situation or violence in his district; his cities are some of the safest in the U.S. If anything, they talk of needing workers. To get property by eminent domain for a wall would hurt about 1,000 property owners in his state.

Hurd proposes smart, effective 21st century solutions: Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR), cameras, infrared, Automatic Identification System (AIS), drones and helicopters, depending on the non-homogeneous nature of the vast landscape. The Smart Wall Act was included in the Homeland bill last year. It's not rocket science.

"That’s why we’ll continue to talk about how we solve this problem, operate within the Secure Fence Act, double down on our ports of entry, where most of the illegal drugs come in, where the most people are surrendering," Hurd said. "We'll use technology and address root causes in Mexico with a Marshall Plan for Central America," and much-needed ambassadors.



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