The America painted at the Republican convention was so out of step with reality. The description of President Donald Trump was delusional.

I don't think we need to worry about Joe Biden's America. We need to worry about Trump's America, the horror of which we are living through right now.

So many foreign countries no longer respect America, now that we have a buffoon for a leader. He caters to dictators and insults our friends. Trump sees no need to protect the environment as the oceans heat up and hurricanes multiply. He gives tax breaks to the wealthy and ignores health care for the poor.

He has handled the epidemic abominably. He should have used the Defense Production Act to make sure there was enough protective equipment for health care workers and test kits so that we could control this deadly virus, instead of letting it run rampant. It was ridiculous for governors to be bidding against each other, when this should have been handled by the federal government.

Why should one of the richest countries, with the best technology, be one of the countries with the highest number of cases?

Again, this is Trump’s America.



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