Does saying that God wants the presidency of the U.S. to be filled by a chosen one really matter? The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, recently thought so when she said in a Christian Broadcast News interview on Jan. 30 that God "wanted Donald Trump to become president. And that's why he's there."

It appears to be her opinion and not a fact. In my opinion, no god of merit would install such a liar in a position of such power. The fact is that truth has suffered under President Trump. It's been crucified and buried, but it is not dead. Truth has life everlasting, and will come again.

America is not the kingdom of a god. The president is not placed in position by divine right. The presidency is a seat of consent by the governed. The right to govern lies in the authority of the people; the same people who must demand truth from those it elects to serve the nation with integrity.

The fact that Trump is in the White House because he was elected by the governed means that the governed can return the White House to one who would restore truth in its hallowed halls. Now that really matters.


Cannon Beach


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