Last November, we elected Tiffiny Mitchell to represent us for House District 32. I voted for her because she represents my values on many issues in the state legislature, including education, healthcare, our environment and jobs.

We live on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, and we must protect it. It makes economic sense to preserve our forests, beaches and scenic views. Tourism on the Oregon coast brings in $2.1 billion, with $197 million in spending on the North Coast. Small businesses and local workers benefit from tourist traffic.

The economy of Clatsop County employs over 17,000 people. The timber industry employed approximately 440 people in logging and lumber and wood products manufacturing in our county in 2017. It's an important industry with good-paying jobs and a long legacy in our community, but the number of jobs are decreasing.

The industry must change to be sustainable for workers and the environment. Rep. Mitchell defends all of our livelihoods, not just a vocal 2%.

Follow the money, and you’ll see that timber executives are behind the push to recall Rep. Mitchell. They are subverting our democratic process. Rep. Mitchell was fairly elected, and we get to vote again in 2020.

An unnecessary recall wastes time and taxpayer money, which could otherwise be spent to address important needs in our community. Don't disrespect our democracy and the will of voters by supporting this recall.



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