In response to U.S. Rep. Greg Walden’s request for donations to the GOP:

Until such time as President Donald Trump is out of office, and the Republican Party begins to support the values and beliefs this country was founded on, I will not be donating any funds, or supporting in any way, any Republican candidate.

I do not recognize the shape of a party I have belonged to for years. I am totally flummoxed at the Republican senators and representatives who have failed to support the rule of law and hold Trump accountable.

Is he a convicted criminal? Not yet. Should the American people be informed of the facts? Yes. Should be Trump held accountable? Yes. We deserve to know the truth. Whether it be good or bad for Trump, it is still the truth.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for financial support after Mr. Walden has publicly gone on record at the minimum supporting testimony from Robert Mueller, Don McGahn and anyone the Ways and Means or Judiciary committees subpoena under their constitutional requirement of oversight.

Mr. Walden’s, and Trump’s, assertion that we focus totally on some arguable benefit of the Trump presidency may have some value, but I will not support any politician who will not stand up for the values and beliefs of our heritage.

I spent three years in the Marine Corps (1964-1967), and I will not be a participant of the destruction of our democracy, and those beliefs and values.

The ball is now in Mr. Walden’s court.


Cannon Beach

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