Those concerned about our riverfront and Riverwalk between Second and 16th Streets should attend the 6:30 p.m. Astoria Planning Commission meeting tonight at City Hall concerning the Urban Core Plan (UCP). The document continually uses the words "should" and "encourage" that require nothing of the developer, and must be replaced with "shall." This meeting may provide wording to easily deny the design/architecture/mass of another Fairfield Hotel.

This plan is more than 10 years old. It no longer represents 2019 Astoria residents, with large buildings being proposed on both sides of the trolley tracks. This will force people to leave the Riverwalk to walk through corridors between adjacent over-the-river buildings to have "managed views" of the river and ship movement. Since much of the river will be blocked we will need to change this section from Riverwalk to Buildingwalk. If you can afford to go into these restaurants/buildings, you will be able to easily enjoy the river.

They are also recommending balconies on buildings facing both sides of the Riverwalk. Imagine people on balconies interacting with those on the Riverwalk — not always in a positive way. Parking is a problem, and they are recommending reducing or eliminating parking requirements for new buildings — hoping to solve the problem in the future. Parking requirements and solutions are needed before the UCP is finalized.

You are allowed to send commissioners and councilors multiple letters/emails anytime on the UCP. Send them to Tiffany Taylor ( — a wonderful administrative assistant who will forward them to the right people.



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