In response to the letter "Abortion rights" (The Astorian, June 13), the writer states that "everyone should have their voices heard" and "every woman deserves the right to their own body, and what to do with it."

My question is this: Who is the voice for the unborn? What happened to their right to be born? They have no voice or rights, and are at the mercy of the hands of people who choose to end their lives.

The writer states that she is "glad to live in a state that is for abortions." I, on the other hand, am deeply saddened to live in a country that takes away life and breath from a living soul.

Whenever I hear the song "God Bless America," I can't help but think of how God can ever bless America as long as we continue to destroy countless innocent lives.



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RittaLynn Kloss

Although, in certain circumstances, I would agree that abortion could be the only way to address a life threatening issue, I don’t think it’s fair that a baby is used as penance for someone who should know that sex sometimes results in pregnancy. I know that birth control is not 100% affective however abstinence is fool proof. Yes you read that right...The are so many people who would make great and loving parents but can't conceive so why not carry your baby full term and give him/her up for adoption? Why is that so difficult to do? I’m truly interested in your responses.

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