Is the Trump administration really spoiling for war with Iran? Why? Iran may have shot down an unmanned American drone. North Korea's dictator has publicly threatened to launch missiles at our West Coast (i.e. Lower Columbia area). Where is the U.S. response?

Will Iran cut off our oil? Doubtful, America already produces enough domestically. Will Iran openly attack America? Maybe, but I doubt they want the destructive consequences of that.

Is Iran capable of terrorist attacks against America? Certainly, but so are a lot of other countries. This smells like a "Trumped up" war — no pun intended. Interestingly, defense stocks rose 4 percent, just on the threat of war. Hmmmm.

If this administration is gung-ho for war, let me suggest a few that need fighting. How about a war on poverty? In the richest nation in history, millions of Americans struggle at, or below, the federal poverty level.

How about a war on America's crumbling infrastructure, with family wage jobs? How about a war on escalating prescription drug prices and health care costs, in general? Raise your hand if you believe corporations will voluntarily lower prices.

How about a war on environmental pollution? Whether you believe in climate change or not, do you like breathing polluted air?

Stop outsourcing, and create family wage jobs here. More tax revenue might help offset some of the ruinous 2018 tax breaks given the corporations and the wealthy.

These winnable wars cost no lives. We all do better when we all do better.



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