I know exactly what this government shutdown means. My daughter, son-in-law and their three children serve in the Coast Guard where they have no close-by family, there is no base housing and the cost of living is very expensive. You do the math. Think about what the impact would be on you were you in their shoes.

It seems like every week there are stories of Coast Guard searches and rescues, of boats being towed to safety, illegal drug shipments seized, illegal immigration attempts thwarted and other maritime responsibilities being faithfully fulfilled. They are always there for us. It is our turn now to be there for them.

Recently, I have seen several local businesses do their part to assist our Coasties. As an example, the Main Street Market in Warrenton is offering those affected by the shutdown interest-free charge accounts for food purchases. Kudos to them. I am challenging every North Coast and Long Beach Peninsula business to pitch in. If the basic humanitarian aspect isn't enough to convince you to help, remember — the economic vitality of this entire region depends to one degree or another on our Coasties.

I am also challenging The Daily Astorian and every local radio station to seek out and maintain an ongoing list of every business and what they are doing to let our Coast Guard families know where they can find assistance.

We are a Coast Guard community. It is time for all of us to step up.



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