Now that the election season, in all its glorious ugliness, is finally over, allow me a few strictly bipartisan thoughts.

First, truth is truth. It's not relative, and it really matters. In the just-finished election cycle, we were subjected to vicious, negative and untruthful ads in unprecedented numbers, from all sides of the aisle. What happened to the high road?

"Truth doesn't matter because we won" is not sustainable. There is always a bigger hammer somewhere. Fear-mongering hurts our humanity and drives us back toward the caves we came from. 

If our elected officials can't reach across, up and down, over and under the aisle, and work together for the common good, then we the people should vote them into the nearest retirement village. That's democracy, right? Right.

Each of us possess the ability to respect each other, and this is the only thing that can make all 330 million of us, one country. This is vital, because divide and conquer is all too real. America has already fought one Civil War too many.

We can act better than this. We must act better than this if we are to survive as a civilized country. History's lessons can be painful. The Roman Empire ruled most of the known world for well over 400 years, and likely many Romans thought it would never fall. But in 395 A.D., it split apart, and the collapse began.

The difference today is, modern technology makes both good and bad happen at warp speed.



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