To the U.S. Congress: We get it already. You hate Trump. It’s not like this hasn’t been on your mind for a while. You listened to the lies, and now decided to act — again.

What are you trying to do while President Joe Biden’s plans are on hold? You are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats ganging up on a dethroned bully. To what end?

Again, I say to all those lost in this hateful malaise: Trump was a blunt, outspoken egotistical man. You don’t have to like him. Look at the facts. He said what he thought, and did what he said. He was not hiding. He was thankfully a patriot, not a smarmy likable lifelong politician.

Now you are still not paying attention to the reality. Trump presided over the best economy in a long while. For three years all economic indicators, for all Americans, went up. Until COVID-19 and antifa became a weapon.

Then those became his fault, while you cried about the death toll and egged antifa’s peaceful protests on while they burned inner cities.

I am sorry you are such a snit. But get a grip. Press your agenda. When you are through ignoring the Constitution and tearing America down, see if you really can build back better.

Meanwhile, I worry about your sanity, and America’s future.