Democrats need to keep one thing in mind, and that is they must defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 if they are going to keep the planet from becoming a disaster, keep our relationships around the world, and not have our children grow up thinking that is how a president speaks and acts.

I would love to see everybody in America have health care, but it is not going to happen overnight. We need to face reality, and only a moderate candidate advocating for incremental changes in health care is going to get elected. We need to do something, such as slowly expanding Obamacare, as we figure out how to pay for it. Some practical ideas on how to pay for it are get rid of the massive loopholes in our tax code, raise the capital gains tax to the same level as income tax, and increase the estate tax.

We need to show that we can add, subtract and not come up with ideas on how to finance our goals that sound as ridiculous and dishonest as "trickle down economics," and the other Republican ideas that have increased the national debt to astronomical amounts.

There is already enough data and polls out there to indicate that almost one-third of the voting population are moderates, voting neither for the conservative or liberal agenda. Make no mistake — we need their votes.



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