I take great exception with the reaction to the posting of KKK flyers downtown ("Man behind KKK flyers in Astoria comes forward," The Daily Astorian, Jan. 26). The foundation of the KKK is hate that has resulted in lynchings and murders over the years. This hate is based on skin color.

The KKK is classified as a hate group, and the response locally reverts to the First Amendment. The individual who posted the flyers is seeking "like-minded" individuals, and is hiding behind the Constitution to justify hate.

"The KKK wants you" goes way beyond a solicitation for like-minded folks. It appears to be a recruitment attempt. The community needs to respond loudly and clearly to curtail this kind of hatred.

The police chief was correct to mention free speech. That said, the original poster creator's word that he is not associated with the KKK isn’t sufficient. In these times, where racial division is being advocated by the current administration, it is important to shine a light on persons who advocate or support hate.

I would hope that local law enforcement contacted the FBI regarding this issue. We're better than this.



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