Oh, how similar is today's international scene to that of the 1930s and 1940s. Here we have four nations, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, joining in an axis of evil to take the place of Western Europe and the U.S. in power and influence over the rest of the world. And, as it was then, so now we also have those who refuse to believe that it could happen again.

In England, just prior to World War II, one man, Winston Churchill, rang out the clarion call of warning as to what might happen if their island nation fell, and the rest of Europe with it, but the man in charge at the time, Neville Chamberlain, thought talking was the answer.

Now what is happening before our very eyes is another attempt by the man in charge to appease and show our enemies that he is a "nice guy," rather than stand up to them, and get ready for the showdown that is inevitably coming.

A disaster is headed our way, and leadership is sorely lacking. More than that, it is almost a joke.

Where an old man in charge who has his wits about him is an asset, especially if he is a good negotiator, a stumbling, bumbling, incoherent old man in the White House is incapable of dealing with these ruthless thugs. Heaven help us.