I don't take issue with Robert Liddycoat's worry that The Astorian will become a megaphone spewing government propaganda (Dec. 14).

I am more concerned about local papers being bought up by the Alden Global Capital, or Berkshire Hathaway, or the Murdoch family, or Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who owns the Washington Post. As long as this paper can pose as being independent, I'll take my news fair and balanced from The Astorian, thank you.

The most recent Coast River Business Journal extolls the local timber industry, referring to it as the "Clatsop forest, wood sector." Logging and lumbering as an economic engine, in its own words. All true, but logging and sawmilling activity is referred to as "our" local economic engine.

Sorry, the real wealth "our" forestland generates goes to the investor class. They own the land, the trees, the loggers and their lobby #TimberUnity, and the public relations narrative, published in The Astorian's business supplement.

Additionally, they own "our" state senator, now resigned and running for governor. Of course, none of this is true. It just can't be; it only seems that way to me alone, right?