The Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District is at a crossroads. The current board of directors consists of one elected member and four appointed members; therefore not elected by the voters. On the May 18 ballot, these people are all running to retain their seats, but each has a very well-qualified challenger.

In November 2018, the voters turned down the recreation board’s request to build a new facility. At the time they said it would be cheaper to build new than to buy and renovate Broadway Middle School. The vote was 65% against and 35% for.

So why did they proceed with acquiring the middle school in January anyway? Recently, experts have stated the school has mold and asbestos problems, needs a new roof, as well as the windows to be replaced, to list the biggest of the problems.

Combined with these necessary expenses, they don’t know how to use all the space! They just recently appointed committees to discuss what to do with the white elephant. One would think that the usage and financial projections would be well researched prior to taking out loans and obligating the taxpayers.

I urge voters to elect a new board to represent the taxpayers. Vote for Al Hernandez, John Huismann, Patrick Duhachek, Jackie Evans and Stephen Morrison to be the SEPRD board. 

These individuals all have the experience and foresight necessary to lead SEPRD and its employees in the right direction and maintain their fiduciary responsibility.


Former SEPRD Board member