What can we in our community do to improve the lives and prospects of our local women and children, who have so much potential to make Clatsop County a more vibrant and equitable place to live and work?

We can give them WINGS, a free conference Saturday, Feb. 9, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Columbia Hall at Clatsop Community College.

We are gearing up for the 17th year for Women INterested in Going to School (WINGS), and more than 800 women have taken advantage of this free conference. It offers sessions with college staff, who provide useful information and timelines to get started on an educational track.

Sessions include information on earning a GED, costs and financial support options, learning about Lives in Transition (LIT), conquering math anxiety and Clatsop Community College degrees and certificate programs.

This one-day conference also includes a Latina WINGS track, with real-time translation by volunteer Gudelia Contreras, to help women know that they can come to the community college to gain English skills and further their education. More importantly, they’ll learn that the college welcomes them.

What is great about WINGS is that women will begin the day with trepidation about their perceived barriers to learning, and leave with relief and enthusiasm as they figure out they can and should get on with their education, be it seeking a degree, a GED or workforce job training.

The conference is packed with how to plan and begin, what support and programs are available, and who can assist them. Register at clatsopcc.edu or call 503-717-1852.



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