I wish I were 5 feet 6 inches tall. I wish ivy wouldn’t engulf my backyard shrubs every year. I wish we’d stopped climate change 100 years ago. I wish everyone wanted to deal with climate change now.

I wish all businesses were members of Oregon Business for Climate, and wanted to find solutions for climate change. I wish Republican members of the Oregon Legislature would join the Democrats to vote for an ambitious climate change bill, instead of skipping out of Salem when they don’t get their way.

I wish salmon weren’t dying from warming oceans and rivers and that Oregon’s mountains had reached normal snowpack levels every year, instead of only four of the last 10 years.

I wish the owner of Fort George Brewery who endorsed HB 2020, Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs bill, had gotten compliments, instead of rants and boycotts, for his far-sighted leadership.

I wish Koch Industries, with annual revenues of $110 billion, and the owner of Wauna Mill, would agree to pay a measly $123,000 for the mill’s carbon emissions.

Wishful thinking won’t fix our climate. Fortunately, people facing the reality of climate change are developing a mix of effective strategies — including carbon cap and trade, carbon sequestration, renewable energy, improved forestry practices, ending fossil fuel use and much more.

Oregon can’t afford to postpone working on climate issues. Please support the businesses and political leaders ready to develop and use practical fixes for climate change.



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