I am worried about the public's tax dollars being spent recklessly by the Port of Astoria. Last year the Port spent $2,300 for a staff Christmas party, and $840 for a tenant appreciation party. If the Port is in such dire straits, why couldn't this money be used for fixing the bathrooms in the Chinook Building? Instead, they have to use an outhouse in the winter, with no running water.

The Port of Astoria Commission has a treasurer to oversee these kinds of things. Who authorizes these parties with taxpayer dollars? I've seen the vouchers paid by the Port to verify these numbers. Why did the executive director give away $1.5 million in free money to help fix failing infrastructure without first going to the commission?

I have seen monthly vouchers where the port manager gets a mileage reimbursement for $999, $846 and $413. This is just the three months I looked at. The one for $999, at approximately 50 cents a mile, the director would have had to have traveled 500 miles per week in his car. Who is taking care of the Port?


Commissioner, Port of Astoria 

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