I am writing in support of Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell. The recall effort started is not forward-thinking. The chief petitioner is Darren Mead of Action Sign Works at Miles Crossing, a Republican trying to take down a Democrat. His company has printed many of the #TimberUnity stickers.

Rep. Mitchell has not broken the law, or done any malfeasance in her position representing Clatsop County. If all the #TimberUnity people would try to understand what is needed to address greenhouse gases, climate change and the threat to the world ecosystems, they would see they are on the wrong side of history.

Please check out a National Geographic documentary "Paris to Pittsburgh," which reveals the truths about climate change and its effects on communities across the country. Let's support Rep. Mitchell, and be on the right side of taking care of our environment. She was duly elected, and is doing what local residents want.

Climate change is harming our health: Heart and lung diseases associated with air pollution and wildfires; heat-related health dangers; the spread of infectious disease; and floods and extreme weather-related physical and mental health problems.

HB 2020 is the bill that seemed to set off some people. It would put a cap on most of the state's greenhouse gas emissions. Major polluters would have to pay to pollute by purchasing credits. I think Clatsop County residents want clean air to breathe, no massive forest fires and no catastrophic storms.

The ocean is warming, water is rising, and what are we going to do about it? Recalling an elected official who is trying to do good by Clatsop County citizens is not the answer. Don't sign any recall petitions, and don’t give Action Sign Works business.



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