Since 2019, the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board of Directors has seen several resignations, leaving four appointed and one elected member, Michael Hinton.

The previous board voted not to pursue purchase of Broadway Middle School. Hinton and Katharine Parker voted to pursue; Su Coddington voted to table the purchase. As soon as the last two elected members resigned, these directors voted unanimously to pursue purchase.

Coddington changed her vote. They chose Celeste Bodner and Erika Marshall Hamer to fill the empty board seats.

This decision attracted a group of people concerned about the board of directors pursuing this major purchase — with a $4.5 million price tag to remediate, and no money for remediation.

We scolded, implored, bargained and pleaded to take this purchase to a vote of the people. We felt our voices were heard, but they didn't listen.

Now it's election time. Every member of the current board is up for election and being challenged by citizens who deeply care for the district and its citizens. Al Hernandez, John Huismann, Patrick Duhachek, Jackie Evans and Stephen Morrison have excellent credentials and experience.

It's time for a change. They will listen to you. Make an informed decision. Let your voice be heard. Please vote.