Driving back from Astoria to Cannon Beach from the recent Indivisible Summit, I found myself smiling. There were many reasons I felt such joy. The number one? Remembering one year ago I was one of the broken millions, devastated and unsure how to move forward. I felt the country I loved was doomed to be vandalized by a crazy man and his cronies.

Attending the meeting of a group that did not exist a year ago showed the commitment of thousands of people, just like me. There are now 6,000 groups across the country. What has been created replaced fear, and returned the strengths of the America of “we.”

As a member of Indivisible for the last year, I know what sets us apart from the Trump base. It is identifying what we are for, and commitment to take action for achievable goals guaranteeing our democracy is alive and well. Take a peek at just two examples:

We are for woman’s right to choose; the Trump base — no choice.

We are for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and immigration policies that support refugees; Trump base — no and restrict, use racist tactics, and limit people by country and color.

Pundits say groups like Indivisible have to be for something, not just be against Trump. Indivisible is for insuring every citizen understands we are a nationwide inclusive group committed to being for integrity, equity and detailed objectives, solutions, and getting out the vote for our democracy.

Lolly Champion

Cannon Beach

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