Oregon House Bill 2391 is a sales tax on health care. Large corporations, unions and insurance companies are exempt. Schools, hospitals, small businesses and individuals will pay.

Rep. Sal Esquivel, the only Republican to vote “yes” on HB 2391, was later disillusioned by Democrat bills passed forcing all Oregonians to pay for all abortions, and extending free health care to children of illegal immigrants. Esquivel, whose father immigrated legally from Mexico, is now a chief petitioner against Ballot Measure 101. A “no” vote on Measure 101 will repeal this new tax.

Instead of a new tax, why not make better use of the ones we already have? Oregon is now the sixth biggest spender among the 50 states. School-based clinics can sign kids up for Medicaid without telling their parents — and then collect $212 for services that would cost $25 in a private market.

A November 2017 audit of the Oregon Health Authority revealed 41 percent ineligible recipients. Oregon also made illegal use for $1.8 million in federal funds to cover abortion.

Plenty of money is obviously available for TV in favor of a “yes” vote on this new tax. Recall that large corporations, unions and insurance companies do not have to pay it. We do. We’re voting “no” on Ballot Measure 101.

Joseph M. Herman

Jean M. Herman


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