Will wonders never cease? The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) nixes Jordan Cove LNG project (“Feds deny permit for liquefied gas port, pipeline,” The Daily Astorian, March 12).Who woulda thunk it?

And, FERC did it for the right reasons — no demonstrable market, and the hardships caused by eminent domain. This is not the movie “Field of Dreams,” where if you build it, they will come.

Now is the time to call Gov. Kate Brown (503-378-4582) and ask her to use the powers of the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Clean Air and Water acts to deny Oregon LNG’s permit applications.

Kudos to Warrenton for trying to protect the Skipanon and fish.

The Warrenton Development Code 16.64.010 states Warrenton will “maintain the integrity of the estuary and coastal waters.” The definition of integrity is “the state or quality of being complete, undivided or unbroken — pure.” Dredging 1.1 million cubic yards (131 acres) of critical fish habitat right out of the instinctual route the salmon have followed for thousands of years is, in my opinion, a violation of this code, and would severely hurt a proud 150-year-old fishing industry that ranked No. 1 on the U.S. West Coast in 2013.

The Warrenton Comprehensive Plan 5.323 states that Warrenton must maintain public access to the east Skipanon Peninsula. Oregon LNG’s proposed terminals’ mandatory exclusion zone and sheer volume of truck traffic on King Avenue will, in my opinion, deny the public access.

FYI: In the only election held on LNG issues, Clatsop County voted 67 percent no.

Also, explain to the governor that we don’t want to breathe the carbon dioxide (2.6 billion tons released each year) or the methane gas (cough, choke) these environmentally dangerous, atmosphere-polluting terminals release. We also don’t want to eat fish that have swum around in chemically polluted water. Yuck!

Go ahead and add that we don’t want to see an estimated 44,000 jobs lost, or negatively affected throughout the Columbia River Basin by the constant interruption of commerce on the river, due to LNG tanker security zones.

You also might remind Gov. Brown that the hearings officer has recommended against the LNG proposed terminal.

So please, Gov. Brown, listen to the voters. Remember Civics 101 — of the people, by the people, for the people. The Constitution still starts with three words: “We the people.” Come on, governor, now that FERC has seen the light, give them more ammunition to deny this LNG project, by denying Oregon LNG’s permit applications.

Folks, your musket is “loaded” with information. All you need to do is “pull the trigger,” and make that call to the governor (503-378-4582).

Carl Dominey