On July 25, I and several others spoke at the Port of Astoria Commission meeting to express our grave concern as to the safety and prudence of relocating the Shooting Stars day care facility onto Port property. Along with concerns of high volume truck and general industrial traffic, we felt there were also significant liability and insurance issues.

The newly elected commission didn’t even give us the courtesy of a discussion. After we presented, there was an immediate motion to approve pending conditional use approval from the city planning department, as if the Port had no skin in the game, despite the facts it’s their building, on their property.

Never once were the words safety, liability, tsunami inundation zone or insurance spoken. Just immediate action. This was a mockery of the entire process.

Commission meetings will now be short, efficient and really a waste of everyone’s time; merely a formality. My prediction is that if staff and the director want it, they will get it 100 percent of the time, no matter the merits. The stamp is cut and the ink pad is full.

Chris Connaway