Donald Trump has been president for just a bit over 180 days, and has done little or nothing in that span. Congress, in its reluctant good sense, has denied the newly elected leader of the free world unsanctioned freedom, and he has in turn displayed total ignorance of the methods and nuances of political stewardship.

His Cabinet is still undermanned, and many departments are still leaderless and adrift. He is slowly learning that foreign policy and domestic policy are real, but has yet to figure out what they have to with him. While he keeps himself amused by pressing all the funny buttons on his desk, we have to wonder at what we have allowed into our lives.

The time is right to take matters into our own hands, and demand that the Congress do its duty and remove him from the presidency. We, the people, by the power vested in us by our Constitution, have the duty and obligation to restrict or remove any person or ideology that threatens free exercise of that right. That is what democracy is all about.

If, in the course of our national affairs, an institution or individual attempts to act in opposition to that sacred precept, it is the right and duty of the citizens to reject that person or proposition, and assert their inalienable right to self-government and self-determination.

During no time in his tenure has he or his gang of cronies shown any aptitude for coherent policy, and the moment has arrived to pull the plug before they can stumble their way into an armed conflict in the Middle East, or some other equally inglorious enterprise.

To submit to any more of his ineptitude and childishness will lead to no good end. The best way is to act quickly and unequivocally. Impeachment is the only course left to us, and it is one that should be started as quickly as is possible.

The prospect is not pleasant, but it must be done before Mr. T can get us into serious difficulty, both domestically and in the larger world. To delay is to court disaster, and only provides an opportunity for something reckless or foolish, neither of which affords much room for favorable outcomes.

We know all we need to know. What we need now is the will to act.

Jack Guyot