All I can say is dumb, dumb, dumb to the plan to reduce the cormorants by killing them in a culling operation.

Especially when there is a natural way of controlling their numbers without much man involvement.

People have tried to help the Corp of Engineers years ago, but all they did was get mad. The natural way of reducing the cormorant population is to turn several raccoons loose on the island. Biologist can estimate the number of raccoons it would take to keep the cormorants at the proper population level. The raccoons could be neutered before release and they could have radio collars on. They would reduce the flock as quickly as the numbers released would allow. Extra raccoons could be put on the island at first to get the numbers down then the raccoons could be relocated or sold to trappers for their pelts. A small band of control animals could then be maintained on the island to keep the numbers of cormorants from exploding again.

All done in a mostly natural way with a little bit of man interference. Problem solved!

Several years ago some of our locals had released raccoons on the island, then the Corp of Engineers quickly hunted down and killed and complained about people interfering with their work.

It’s too bad they could not see the wisdom of our local population, but these are all college boys who know it all ahead of time! Just makes my blood boil at times when they are so stupid they can’t see the forest for all the damned trees!

Jesse Day


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