We are very lucky to have such a great team of officers in our city of Astoria, along with our county officers and state officers.

I know each department is very busy, but my wife and I have lived in Astoria for 11 years on 15th Street, between Jerome Avenue and the Column turn off, and I am asking someone to have an officer sit on a side street — like Lexington Avenue — that goes to the Clatsop Community College side.

If you need money to pay for the parks, you would get it in one day handing out speeding tickets. The amount of speed folks go in the area between Jerome to the top of 15th is bad, real bad, all day, and most of the night. Please, Mayor LaMear, could you do something? This is one of the main routes for kids when they walk to school, for tourists when they get off the cruise ships and for people and families walking with children and pets. It has gotten so bad.

Val Leffel