I have lived in Astoria just over two years, and have enjoyed many of the great things offered here. One of the activities I have enjoyed the most is the Sunday Market. For those who may live in surrounding towns, I highly recommend it.

Every year between May and October, Astoria has a downtown outdoor market — three blocks of various food items, trinkets, home remedies, plants, T-shirts, carved animals and other items which we haven’t imagined or need.

The market, though not unlike others, is special because it is in the center of downtown, showing the beauty of the spot. The booths and city offer a Christmas look in the summer. It is a time to get yourself or your family up and enter the excitement of the three-block path.

It is really the people who make the excitement. Most wear their fun attire — sandals, casual and running clothes, and other odd things not worn at work. Grandparents are tugging their grandchildren, mothers carrying their infants with fathers herding their families. Most everyone is happy in the pleasant air of this sea town.

It is being with family, and a momentarily feeling of no cares. It is a feeling that all love, even with knowing another day will be work.

Norm Hooge