Recently I was enjoying fishing near Buoy 10 with two of my grandsons. As fishing was slow, my mind wandered to years ago when my wife and I were fishing in the ocean near Buoy 6. My wife had a tremendous hit. The line just screamed out. She said, “Jim, I have a really big one on, it must be a Chinook.”

She fought it for over 20 minutes. Finally it came thrashing to the surface, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never seen such a huge salmon in all my years fishing here and in Alaska. It continued to fight on the surface, and slowly she nursed it closer to the boat. As I lowered the net to meet it, I said, “Thank you, Lord, for such a great fish.”

My wife quickly responded, “Don’t thank him yet — wait until it’s in the boat.”

Looking at its size, well over 50 pounds, I wondered if it would fit in the net. I cautiously lowered the net under the fish, but as I did, it made a last ditch thrash, and threw the hooks and swam victoriously away.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that disappointment happens. “I didn’t get the job,” “the medical report was bad,” “I didn’t make the sale,” “the relationship broke up,” “we didn’t win.”

Life is filled with all kinds of disappointments. But to let them discourage, deflate and depress you is within your control. By the grace of God, keep moving on. There will be other jobs, cures, sales made, new relationships, victories and even another fish.

So remember, by the grace of God you are in control of your reactions. So when disappointments happen, and they will, don’t let discouragement dominate your thinking. Move on to all the new adventures life has for you.

Jim Bernard